About Kane James

Kane James, a rising star in the world of underground hip-hop, was born in 1992 in the small town of Kirksville, MO. He is an accomplished music producer and artist starting to carve his name permanently into the industry. He is currently independently running and managing his own label, Geeks From The Block, which was founded officially in 2021. 

Kane first started pursuing an interest in hip-hop at the age of 17, using a standard computer mic and a built-in recording program on the computer. He eventually went on to get his first CD pressed and sold only a limited number of physical copies. This was only the beginning of his skill and talent which has continued to exceed any expectation throughout the years to follow. At 18 years old, after partnering with local talent group Sashay Productions, Kane would begin his journey by releasing mixtape after mixtape while touring around the midwest with other Sashay artists as well as solo artists. 

After gaining some fans and some experience Kane James would then go on to begin what would eventually be Studio Geek Entertainment in 2014. Shortly after, he would meet Nate Bullman (stage name: Charlie Able.) The two shared similar vision and interests both inside and outside of music and decided to partner together to officially form Studio Geek. While failing to secure outside funding for the label's business ventures, Kane James would continue to funnel his own money into the company in hopes it would become more than what it was at the time. After releasing several mixtapes under Studio Geek Entertainment, Kane James crossed paths with childhood friend Jordan Easley who had taken interest in producing. This would turn out to be a critical part of what Studio Geek has accomplished. Shortly after this, Not Only Street Records would extend a contract offer to Kane James who accepted the two year, two album deal. Kane, however, would immediately begin to regret his decision and after months of debating, cut ties and waited for the contract to expire so he could release his own material commercially. After Studio Geek took up a new home, in St. Joseph, MO, Kane James went on to headline his first solo tour across parts of the midwest, as well as a co-headlined tour across Colorado sharing the stage with Eternal of the Wu-Tang Killa Beez. This would continue for a couple years.

After these tours Studio Geek's founders would eventually split-up, leaving only Kane James and Jordan Easley. From this point, Kane James did not stop. Releasing his first album, Point of Purchase in November of 2015. Several more albums, singles, and mixtapes for the years that would follow with no signs of stopping. In January of 2020 Kane James would go on to complete his first National United States tour along side some hip-hop heavy hitters, such as Chucky Chuck, Stoner Jordan, and Stacc Styles; He would then follow this up with another US national tour in summer of 2021 with hip-hop artist T.R.U.T.H.  

In 2021, Kane James' put the years of Studio Geek in his past, and started a new company. This, through the inspiration and memory of Studio Geek, and in remembrance of a dearly loved friend (Cortez 'Yella Mac' Robinson) who was killed in December 2012 who gave Kane James the name of 'The Studio Geek.' Comes now, Geeks From The Block. I'm sure you can see the connection. In June of 2022 Kane James opened his first physical location for his business right inside his home town, and in the following month he would go on to surpass an astounding 500,000 ALL-TIME STREAMS across the multitude of platforms he is available on.

In summary, Kane James has a long list of credentials and has toured for years, both solo and in groups, and has shared the stage with a large list of artists such as: Yella Mac, Eternal of Wu-Tang West Coast Killa Beez, Spaide Ripper, Boombox Bullies, Murphy Lee of St. Lunatics, Chucky Chuck, Nathan Haskill, Stoner Jordan, Stacc Styles, and many more. He has featured songs with some listed above, as well as some honorable mentions; Cryptic Wisdom, Dubbs, MotionPlus, Demrick, Waka Flocka Flame, Alicia Renee, and Breana Martin. In 2022, he was featured as a cast member in one of Strange Music Artist Joey Cool's music videos. For any and all questions, feel free to inquire at kanejames@geeksfromtheblock.com, and check out his music anywhere online and sign-up for our mailing list for all of the latest updates!